Heavily Armoured Shoulder Workout Video!

Check out our brand new workout available now on Matt’s channel!
Let us know if this is a format that you would like to see more of, this was very fun to make so we are keen to see how you guys like it.


Exercise Spotlight – Bench Press

Basics of the movement

The bench press, specifically the flat barbell bench press is a popular compound exercise that is a commonly used to measure upper body strength. It involves lying on your back on a bench with your feet planted firmly on the ground, and your shoulder blades tucked in. You hold the barbell in a neutral grip slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and at full extension, your arms should be perpendicular to your torso. You lower the bar slowly, using your core and legs to assist with stabilisation until the bar touches your chest, then using your chest and assisting muscles explosively drive the barbell back to the starting position. Continue reading to find out how and why this famous exercise is used by almost all strength athletes as a complete upper body builder. Continue reading Exercise Spotlight – Bench Press