Full Body Band Workout!

Image courtesy of www.rogueaustralia.com

We have been receiving questions regarding how to work out while travelling or if you don’t have access to a gym! So I have put together an extremely high rep full body band hypertrophy workout which will get the blood flowing, and only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete! I highly recommend purchasing bands from Rogue Fitness, we are not sponsored but they provide extremely high quality products. Here is the full workout:

Perform the following with a mid weight band:

For my workout I used a blue Rogue Monster Band.

50 x Leg Extension

50 x Leg Curl

30 x Face Pull

30 x Bicep Curl

30 x Seated rows each arm

30 x Seated flies each arm

50 x Good Morning

30 x Overhead press each arm

Perform the following with a heavy band:

For my workout I used a green Rogue Monster Band.

50 x Calf Raises

30 x Ab Crunches

30 x Triceps Skullcrushers

Remember to experiment with band resistances to find which work best for you. The good thing about bands is that their resistance can be fine-tuned just by changing where you grip it, or changing the way it is attached to the bar or whatever you are using to leverage it.

Do all this without a break and I guarantee you will be feeling it, this is 410 total reps! Now there is no excuse for not having access to a gym!

Coming Soon: A video of this workout, as well as a guide to set up the resistance bands for each exercise.