Improve your WN8 by Squatting Everyday

This is the program I used for the past month or so to add 30kg to my Squat 1RM!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Squat to 2RM Full body band workout at least 3 hours before workout Squat to 2RM Full body band workout at least 3 hours before workout Squat to 2RM Full body band workout at least 3 hours before workout Full body band workout
Bench press to 1RM Front squat to 1RM Speed bench press to 3RM Speed deadlift to 3RM Volume bench to 5RM Squat to 2RM
If fail, add reverse bands and try again Deadlift to 2RM 10 mins conditioning Conditioning Volume deadlift to 5RM
10 mins conditioning If fail, put weight on blocks and increase weight Military press to 80% +5% every week

As you can see I am squatting 6 times per week, which is no easy task! My number 1 priority was recovery and stretching, and I can confidently say that as a result of this program, I am way more flexible than I used to be. I usually stretched for 20 minutes before and after squatting, as well as utilising various dynamic exercises to prepare myself for squats. I warmed up using 5 reps on lighter weights, 3 reps on moderate weights, until I got to heavy weights and just went for a new 2RM everyday.

I chose to go for a 2RM instead of a 1RM everyday because it put less strain on the body and I could go by feel better. For example, if the first rep was very difficult, I could decide to not go for the second and instead drop the weight. I believe this helped me prevent injury.

In terms of the full body band workout that I used as hypertrophy and to aid in recovery, you can find details here.

My conditioning consisted of an intense 10 minutes that had me close to vomiting using a variety of templates that I gathered from this video by Brian Alsruhe.

I started this program with a 150kg squat, and I recently hit a 180kg one rep max. Squatting everyday works! Try it for yourself.


Heavily Armoured Shoulder Workout Video!

Check out our brand new workout available now on Matt’s channel!
Let us know if this is a format that you would like to see more of, this was very fun to make so we are keen to see how you guys like it.

Exercise Spotlight – Bench Press

Basics of the movement

The bench press, specifically the flat barbell bench press is a popular compound exercise that is a commonly used to measure upper body strength. It involves lying on your back on a bench with your feet planted firmly on the ground, and your shoulder blades tucked in. You hold the barbell in a neutral grip slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and at full extension, your arms should be perpendicular to your torso. You lower the bar slowly, using your core and legs to assist with stabilisation until the bar touches your chest, then using your chest and assisting muscles explosively drive the barbell back to the starting position. Continue reading to find out how and why this famous exercise is used by almost all strength athletes as a complete upper body builder. Continue reading Exercise Spotlight – Bench Press