Review: Pz. II Ausf. J Review


The Pz. II Ausf. J was initially designed as a reconnaissance tank under the designation VK.1601, which could undertake a scouting role with good maneuverability, whilst also protecting it’s crew. Heavy armour was added to the tank based on the Pz. II, bringing its protection to 80mm of frontal armour, and 50mm of side and rear armour, increasing the tank’s weight to 18 tonnes. It’s top speed was around 28km/h, making it effectively useless Continue reading Review: Pz. II Ausf. J Review


Chinese TD’s in Patch 9.20?

“Nine Chinese TDs are revving their engines, ready to hit the battlefield. Yes, we’re talking about the line that rolled out on Chinese servers a few months ago. We know this is something you’ve been asking for, and we’re excited to make them available for all players. We’ll have more to share on each vehicle as we get closer to release, so stay tuned.”

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Exercise Spotlight – Bench Press

Basics of the movement

The bench press, specifically the flat barbell bench press is a popular compound exercise that is a commonly used to measure upper body strength. It involves lying on your back on a bench with your feet planted firmly on the ground, and your shoulder blades tucked in. You hold the barbell in a neutral grip slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and at full extension, your arms should be perpendicular to your torso. You lower the bar slowly, using your core and legs to assist with stabilisation until the bar touches your chest, then using your chest and assisting muscles explosively drive the barbell back to the starting position. Continue reading to find out how and why this famous exercise is used by almost all strength athletes as a complete upper body builder. Continue reading Exercise Spotlight – Bench Press

REVIEW: T28 HTC (Version 9.19.1)


The T28 Concept in WoT is actually based on a wooden model, of which no historical records of its armour, armament or design specs exists. It was planned to utilise some components of the M6 American Heavy Tank and a 100mm gun. The vehicle concept was rejected during the design phase by the US Land Forces, and the project was later modified into the T95 Heavy Breakthrough Tank.

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World of Tanks Weekly Round-Up – 24 July 2017

  • Beijing Opera 113 Premium/Reward Tank + their Crew portraits. Asking price is somewhere around 22,500 Gold
  • Short-Mid Term WoT PC Scheduling Update:

July 25 – 9.20 patch information
26 July – Official announcement for 9.20 on the WoT main page
27 July – 9.20 ends supertest phase
24-30 July – Beginning of the new season for the Global Map
August 2nd – 19th Birthday for WarGaming
2-3 August – First public test server phase for 9.20
August 12th – World of Tanks 7th Anniversary
August 16th – Second public test phase for 9.20
End of Summer – Tentative window for 9.20 release

Not a huge week for WoT news, but hopefully next week will be a bit more exciting!




5/3/1 Powerlifting Program Review!


The 5/3/1 Powerlifting Program, otherwise known as Wendler’s 5/3/1 is a linear progression program that was created by none other than Jim Wendler himself. It works by progressively overloading the body with higher weight, and lower reps as the weeks go on. This program is seen as a very effective novice program and is considered one of the most popular workout regimes for people looking to get stronger. It also is quite a flexible program in that you can choose whether to train 3 or 4 days per week. The main premise according to Jim Wendler is to make slow, consistent gains and to beat rep records rather than setting new 1RM’s, which have a greater risk of injury. Basically, if you go from a 5×140 kg squat, to a 7×140 kg squat you have gotten stronger even if you haven’t set a new 1RM. If you are brand new to lifting, you may benefit from performing the lifts more frequently. But for anyone looking to make gradual strength gains with short and efficient training sessions, this program is good for you.

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