World of Tanks || WZ-111 Alpine Tiger Review

The WZ-111 Alpine Tiger is LITERALLY THE SAME as the WZ-111 apart from two very distinctive differences:

  1. It gets a 2x Credit multiplier
  2. It has an awesome looking silver camo which makes this tank really stand out

You can get this tank by participating in the Battle in APAC event!


The WZ-111 was a Chinese attempt to improve upon the Soviet T-10 heavy tank development. Once completed, WZ-111 was supposed to replace all Soviet made IS-2 and IS-3 tanks in PLA service . However, due to the design shortcomings, only one prototype was completed before the fall of 1964 when development was cancelled.

Flaws that were found during initial tests including a heavy and very cramped turret interior, insufficient armor on the hull, and a weak and unreliable engine that was struggling to propel the overall mass of the vehicle. Most of the technology used in the WZ-111 were copies of earlier, close to obsolete Soviet solutions. Turret design was cast steel with welds on the roof area fitted with two crew hatches and a commander’s periscope. Suspension consisted of seven road wheels with internal shock absorbers, three support rollers, and a drive sprocket positioned at the rear with a removable ring gear and guide wheel.

The transmission was similar to the one in the IS series, and featured a multi-disc dry main clutch, eight gear transmission with dual, planetary rotation mechanism, and a final drive. The engine was a Chinese made unlicensed copy of the B11 diesel, with the maximum power output at 520 horsepower. Maximum speeds achieved during tests was 35 km/h. The body was made from welded plates, with a thickness of 13, 120, 90 and 60 mm. The test prototype was preserved and today is placed on permanent display in the Chinese Tank Museum located near Beijing.


Top 3 Quirks

  • Strong Frontal Hull Armour, against many opponents it meets
  • High Top Speed
  • Preferential Matchmaking, meaning it can see Tier 9 Maximum tanks (how useful this is anymore however is debatable!)

Bottom 3 Quirks

  • Very bad gun handling
  • Ammo-racked is damaged every second hit
  • Really bad penetration on its standard AP rounds


DPM – The DPM of this tank is 1,872 giving it a 5/10

Penetration – The Penetration of this tank is 175mm giving it a 5/10

Gun Handling – The Shown Dispersion Value of this tank is 0.44 giving this tank a 3/5, while the Hidden Dispersion Value Average of this tank is 0.173 giving this tank a 4/5

Aim Time – The Aim Time of this tank is 3 seconds flat giving it a 6/10

Gun Vertical Movement – The Gun Depression of this tank is 5 degrees giving it a 2/5, while the Gun Elevation of this tank is 23 degrees giving it a 3/5

Survivability – This tank used to be a very formidable armoured opponent on the battlefield – before the introduction of all the OP Tier 8 premium tanks that hit the game. Now the armour is meh. Sure, it is strong against tier 6 and 7 opponents, but don’t expect to bounce too much even against Tier 8 and 9 opponents as the hull armour is only very good up until around 210+mm of Penetration. It has a very large lower frontal plate, which when penetrated often takes out the ammo-rack as well. The Turret armour is very strong as to be expected from a Russian clone tank, but be warned it has two big cupolas on the top which can be penetrated (though not that easily). As such, I’m giving this tank a 7/10.

Mobility – The Power-to-Weight Ratio of this tank is 13.48 hp/t giving it a 2/5, while the Average Traverse Speed is 26 degrees per second giving this tank another 2/5

View Range – The View Range of this tank is 380 meters giving it an 8/10

Concealment Whilst Stationary (Camouflage) – The Camouflage Value of this tank whilst not moving or firing the cannon is 7.89% giving it a 4/10

Value – This tank is I think very valuable, as it is going to be INCREDIBLY rare. Only 50 of these will be given out among the entire population of the Asia server, and you should not expect this tank to be on sale in store as it will be one of those elusive tanks wargaming will wan’t to keep over us players. Even without its rarity, this tank is stunning to look at and turns heads at every corner. Not only is it eye-candy, but it also means that you get 2x credit making every time you play it, making it insane for making credits. And with it being a free tank given to us if your lucky enough, I think that makes it a pretty damn good deal. As such, I’m giving this tank a 10/10.

Thus, the final BrandScore is: 61/100

Final Thoughts:

So is this a tank you should get in your garage. Well, I think the answer is a pretty glaring of course all things considered. But if you had to pay for it, you need to weigh up whether a beautiful tank is something you want with better credit making abilities, but at the cost of having a quite sub-par tank at this point. If its free, than 100% this tank is worth it!


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