World of Tanks || M4 Improved Review


A variant of the M4 medium tank with angled hull and turret armor. It was developed by the Detroit Arsenal in August 1942. The changes were intended to improve the tank’s protection without increasing weight or degrading other technical characteristics. Existed only in blueprints.

Top 3 Quirks:

  • Very fast and manoeuvrable, meaning it can keep up with light tanks
  • Better armour and also module and crew protection than standard M4
  • Good view range for scouting enemy tanks

Bottom 3 Quirks:

  • Very poor penetration with its standard rounds
  • The gun is quite inaccurate (though still more accurate than the regular Sherman)
  • Although the armour is better than on the Sherman, it is still not incredible and must be angled


DPM – The Damage Per Minute of this tank is 1,650 giving it a 5/10

Penetration – The Penetration of this tank is 92, giving it a 3/10

Gun Handling – The Shown Dispersion Value of this tank is 0.44 giving it a 3/5, while the Hidden Dispersion Value Average of this tank is 0.1467 giving it a 4/5

Aiming Time – The aiming time of this tank is 2.10 seconds giving it an 8/10

Gun Vertical Movement – The gun depression of this tank is 10 degrees giving it a 3/5, while the gun elevation of this tank is 25 degrees giving it a 3/5

Survivability – The survivability of this tank, while good, is not incredible. It is very similar in terms of hull effective armour as the T-34. However, the turret on this thing is very good, with turret effective armour ranging very highly between 80mm to around 150. As such, I’m giving this tank a 6/10 for survivability

Mobility – The power-to-weight ratio of this tank is 16.88 giving it a 3/5, while the Average Traverse Speed is 39 degrees per second, giving it another 3/5

View Range – The View Range of this tank is 370 meters giving it an 8/10

Concealment Whilst Stationary – The camouflage value of this tank whilst not moving, or firing the gun, is 11% giving it a 5/10

Value – This is a fun little tank, but it certainly is not overpowered. The penetration is a major issue I’ve found in this tank meaning premium rounds are very necessary in it. It’s a collectors tank, but not something you would ever (or should ever) use for grinding out credits in or increasing your WN8! As such, I’m going to give this tank a 6/10 for value

Thus, the final BrandScore is 60/100

Final Thoughts

Should you get this tank? Is it worth the gold? If you are looking for a collectors item, then for sure. This tank is fun don’t get me wrong, and if you can pick it up for just the cost of the tank than by all means get it. But don’t expect great armour, or a good gun, neither are there. It just feels like a general upgrade to the M4 (unless the M4 is using its Derp Gun, because than this will feel like a downgrade!)

Video Review


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