World of Tanks || AMX Canon d’assaut (Cda) de 105


The Canon d’assaut de 105 tank destroyer is a combat vehicle design developed by the AMX Company in 1958. According to archive records, this tank destroyer was supposed to combine high manoeuvrability and mobility, reliable armour (up to 100mm in the frontal hull), and a powerful 105mm gun. Later, the development was discontinued and no prototypes were ever built.

Top 3 Quirks

  • The standard shell velocity is absolutely insane at 1,525 meters per second!
  • Incredibly speedy and able to reach its top-speed with ease
  • Laser like accuracy and aiming time with its main cannon

Bottom 3 Quirks

  • The traverse speed of this tank is not great and prone to being outflanked
  • The side and rear armour is very poor, with the side armour able to be over-matched by anything above 120 caliber
  • Limited gun arc


DPM – The DPM of this tank is 2,034.78 giving it a 6/10

Penetration – The Penetration of this tank is 260mm giving it a 7/10

Gun-Handling – The Shown Dispersion Value of this tank is 0.30 giving it a 3/5, while the Hidden Dispersion Value Average of this tank is 0.18 giving it a 4/5

Aiming Time – The Aiming Time of this tank is 2.0 seconds giving this tank an 8/10

Gun Vertical Movement – This tank has 8 degrees of Gun Depression giving it a 3/5, and has 20 degrees of Gun Elevation giving it another 3/5

Survivability – This tank has good frontal hull armour almost entirely over the front of the tank, and when hiding the weaker lower frontal plate and combined with using it’s 8 degrees of gun depression, this things armour from the front can become monstrous. However, it’s side and rear armour are quite atrocious, being able to be over-matched by anything above a 120mm caliber gun and 90mm caliber gun respectively. Also as you may find driving this thing, the hull armour is not very reliable against tier 9 and tier 10 opponents (and many tier 8’s). As such, this tank gets a 6/10 for survivability

Mobility – The Power-To-Weight Ratio of this tank is 26.79 giving it a 4/5, while the Average Traverse Speed is just 27 giving this tank a 2/5

View Range – The View Range of this tank is 360 meters giving it an 8/10

Concealment Whilst Stationary (Camouflage) – The Camouflage value whilst not moving or firing the gun is 21.66% giving this tank a 9/10

Value – I’m just going to straight up say that this tank is awesome, and that comes down to it’s great and very arguably overpowered stats. It’s a fun tank to play, and although it’s shell cost is rather high, it is also a relatively profitable one as well. Value wise, if you are looking for a capable Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer, than you really cannot look past this one. For new players as well, this thing is very forgiving, with amazing accuracy and shell velocity meaning it is literally a point and click tank. This get’s a 10/10

Thus, the final BrandScore is 73/100

Final Verdict

This tank is rather OP. There is no way around it. If you want a tank that can pull its weight even in a Tier 10 (X) match-up, than this is the tank for you!

Link to Video Review



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