World of Tanks || IS-3A Review


In 1956–1957, the Military Armored Forces Academy developed a speculative design for a new loading system on the IS-3 and T-10 heavy tanks. The IS-3 variant featured a double-row ammo rack with an automatic loading system. The crew was reduced to three members: commander, gunner, and driver. The turret was redesigned in order to accommodate the loading mechanism. The vehicle existed only in blueprints.

Top 3 Quirks

  • It has a very fast shell velocity of 1,400 meters per second
  • Better DPM than standard IS-3
  • Decent Penetration using its standard rounds

Bottom 3 Quirks

  • Very lacklustre mobility
  • Insanely horrific gun handling
  • Poor crew training due to three crew members


DPM – The DPM of this tank is 2,000 giving it a 6/10

Penetration – The Penetration of this tank is 221 giving it a 6/10

Gun Handling – The Shown Dispersion Value of this tank is 0.46 giving it a 2/5, and the Hidden Dispersion Value average is 0.227 giving it a 3/5

Aiming Time – The Aiming Time of this tank is 3.40 giving it a 5/10

Gun Vertical Movement – The Gun Depression of this tank is 5 degrees giving it a 2/5, while the gun elevation of this tank is 19 degrees giving it 2/5

Survivability – The armour strength of this tank used to be god-tier, and now it’s very much meh. Yes the turret armour is still very good, but it is in-fact worse than the IS-3 with its top turret. Hull armour wise, it is the same as the IS-3 in every way. But against all tanks tier 8 and below, it is pretty much a 50/50 that it’s frontal hull will hold up. Tier 9 and 10, don’t count on frontal hull armour at all. For all of these reason’s I’m giving this tank a 6/10

Mobility – The Power-to-Weight of this tank is 10.61 giving it a 2/5, while the average Traverse speed of this tank is 24 giving it another 2/5

View Range – The View range of this tank is 350 meters giving it a 8/10

Concealment Whilst Stationary (Camouflage) – The Camouflage value of this tank while not moving and not firing is 6.84% giving it a 3/10

Value – This tank is NOT a valuable tank. It is expensive to play, is a poor crew trainer, and there are just much better options out there for a better overall Tier 8 heavy premium tank *cough* Object 252U *cough*. Value wise, I’m giving this tank a 4/10 for value.

Thus, the overall BrandScore is 51/100

Final Thoughts

So would I buy this tank again? No, not at all. To be fair to this tank, it was good when it first came out but now even the Lowe is a much better choice. There are just better alternatives to this tank in every way imaginable (unless you want that troll side armour!). Save yourself the pain of not being able to hit anything, and get a Obj. 252U if you really want a good Russian Tier 8 Premium!

Video Review:


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