World of Tanks || Großtraktor – Krupp Review + GIVEAWAY!


The Grosstraktor (“large tractor”) was the name given to six prototype medium tanks built (two each) by Rheinmetall, Krupp and Daimler, for the German Weimar Republic, in violation of the Treaty of Versailles. Constructed in secret they were tested in the Soviet Union. They were used for training and retired as monuments after the Nazi party came to power.  By 1929, two prototypes were manufactured from non-armored steel and underwent trials in the Soviet Union until 1933. The trials revealed multiple faults, and the vehicle never saw service. However, the results of vehicle development were later used by German engineers.


Top 3 Quirks

  • Highest HP Pool of any Tier 3 at 320HP, and even has more than the M3 Lee
  • Derp Gun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Good mobility especially considering its armour

Bottom 3 Quirks

  • Huge target to hit
  • The armour is almost as bad as the Tier 7 American TD Scorpion with 1mm of armour. Think about that for a second!
  • This tank performs terribly in Tier 4 or Tier 5 matches


DPM – The DPM of this tank is 1200 giving it a 4/10

Penetration – The Penetration of the tank is 43 giving it a 2/10

Gun Handling – The Show Dispersion Value of this tank is 0.55 giving it a 2/5, while the Hidden Dispersion Value average is 0.207 giving it a 3/5

Aiming Time – The aiming time of this tank is 2.20 seconds giving it an 8/10

Gun Vertical Movement – This tank has 12 degrees of gun depression giving it a 4/5, and has 60 degrees of gun elevation giving it a 5/5

Survivability – In this tank, you just don’t survive very well. To call this tank armoured would be laughable. In real life, if you punched this tank, you could expect your hand to go straight through it! (not really… but you get the point :P). As such, this tank gets a 2/10

Mobility – The power-to-weight ratio of this tank is 15.24 giving it a 2/5, while its average traverse speed is 38.5 degrees per second giving it a 3/5

View Range – The view range of this tank is 330 meters giving it a 7/10

Concealment Whilst Stationary (Camouflage) – the Camouflage value of this tank when not moving or firing the cannon is 14.71%, giving it a 6/10

Value – I picked up this tank for just over $7 ($5.60USD, 4.70 Euros) which for me is a bargain. This is a rare tank, with a derp gun, at Tier 3. So hell yeah it is worth it! Only thing is this is NOT noob friendly. The armour and huge size will get you in a lot of trouble, often. As such, I’m giving this tank an 8/10.

Thus, the final Brandscore is: 56/100

Final Thoughts

So would I buy this tank again? For this price of $7AUD yes! But would I get it in a $120AUD bundle? No way! This is a unique tank that can either be fun (at tier 3 games) or horrendous (at tier 5 games).


Prizes (1 Winner for ASIA Region, 1 Winner for NA/EU/RU Region)

  • Asia Region: Winner gets a Grosstraktor!
  • NA/EU/RU Region: Winner gets 1000 gold!


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Winners will be announced on the 22nd of September, 2017.


Video Review


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