Tank Review: T34 (T34B) Tier 8 Premium


The T34 is a modernisation of the T30 Heavy Tank. The T34 was equipped with the 120mm T53 Cannon and the new Continental AV-1790 engine. Two prototypes were made and tested in field trials, though due to the decline in heavy tank development after World War II, the T34 was never placed in service.


Top 3 Quirks:

  • The gun has a huge amount of penetration at 248mm
  • It has an almost indestructible turret front which combined with great gun depression, means it is a very versatile ridge-line warrior
  • The tracks mounted on the front of the hull act as spaced armour

Bottom 3 Quirks:

  • Hull armour is quite shockingly bad
  • Despite its large alpha damage, it has a very slow reload giving it a poor DPM
  • Gun-handling leaves much to be desired (it’s bad!)


DPM – The DPM of the T34 is 1600, giving it a 5/10

Penetration – The Penetration of the T34 is 248 giving it a 7/10

Gun Handling – The shown dispersion value of the T34 is 0.35 giving it a 3/5, and the hidden dispersion value average of the T34 is 0.26 giving it a 3/5

Aiming Time – The aiming time of the T34 is 3.20 seconds giving it a 5/10

Gun Vertical Movement – The gun depression of the T34 is 10 degrees giving it a 3/5, while the gun elevation is 15 degrees giving it a 2/5

Survivability – The turret armour of this tank is something that almost all tanks envy. It can definitely withstand all guns of all tiers, with even Tier X tank destroyers firing premium rounds struggling to go through its turret armour. Although it does have a cupola weak-spot, this is still very difficult to penetrate, and when the T34 is hull-down, good luck penetrating its turret. However, its hull is a different story. It is bad… very bad! Only some tier 6 tanks will struggle against its armour frontally, whilst almost all tier 7 tanks will have no trouble at all. As such, I’m giving this tank a 7/10 for armour. Just because of that monstrous turret!

Mobility – The power-to-weight ratio of the T34 is 12.44 giving it a 2/5, and the average traverse speed of the T34 is 20 giving it another 2/5

View Range – The view range of the T34 is 380 meters giving it an 8/10

Camouflage – The Concealment Whilst Stationary Value of the T34 is 3.93, giving it a 2/10

Value – This tank is an undeniably under-performing tank in almost all areas except for: Turret armour, gun penetration and gun alpha damage. Having said that, it is also a surprisingly good credit maker in World of Tanks, which is really something to be valued. I think this tank is very much an under-appreciated tank, being quite well balanced in its role as a tier 8 premium tank. Not only this, but it is a perfect tank for those who want forgiving turret armour when they are learning about how to go hull-down which is a trait held by most high-tier american tanks.  For all of these reasons, I think this is a 8/10 for value.

Thus, the final BrandScore is: 57/100

Final thoughts:

So would I get this tank if I were you? It honestly depends on your play style. If you want a hard-hitting gun that you can go hulldown in, then for sure I would consider purchasing this tank. But if you need an all-round forgiving tank, then try the T26E5. The only thing the T34 has over this tank is bigger alpha damage and higher penetration!


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