World of Tanks || Update 9.20 Review

G’day guys! Update 9.20 is either upon is going to go live soon, if not already (depending on which server you play on!), and I wanted to give my thoughts on the latest patch. This update is pretty massive, with so many new cool features and content added into this patch, as well as improvements to existing content.

Today, I want to discuss some of this content, specifically:

  1. The new Chinese TDs
  2. Grand Battles
  3. Major Vehicle Rebalances

The new Chinese TDs

These TDs were an unexpected addition into Patch 9.20. Originally made for the Chinese Server, which is a standalone server not-linked to the other WoT servers, the tanks were so demanded that Wargaming decided to introduce them into the main server clients.

As expected, the high-tier TDs of the Chinese line perform very similar to the Russian Object 268 line. They are big, have average-to-good armour, have big guns, and surprising mobility.

You can check out my review of the Chinese Tier X TD here.

Otherwise though, the lower tier tanks (between tier 2-7) are really just highly mobile, and poorly armoured TD’s with average sized guns on them. The tier 6 and 7 also have very good camouflage values, so combined with Camouflage Crew Skills, these tanks will be very dangerous tanks indeed.

For an overview of each TD of the Chinese line, check out my video review down below!

Grand Battles

If I’m being honest, I’m so glad that wargaming has introduce Grand Battles, as I’ve played so many standard random battles that a new game mode is very much desired.

I’m really happy with this game mode as well. Playing 30 vs 30 as this game mode is set up to be, it really does allow you to rake up the damage against the enemy team, and really play to your tank’s strengths. Also, the larger size of the maps allows TD’s to really be able to utilise their traditional roles as snipers.

In this patch you will only be able to play Tier X Grand Battles, but there are certainly plans to introduce this into lower tiers as well going into the future.

Major Vehicle Re-balances

At one point Wargaming had plans to do a general overhaul of the World of Tanks mechanics and tanks, and re-balance pretty much every tank to suit a particular role. Although this is no longer going to be done in one-big hit, Wargaming will be introducing gradual changes to the tanks that arguably need it the most.

Although there are many changes that are being made as you can read here, I’m going to be focusing on the most controversial – the Maus, Type 4 and Type 5 Heavy, nerfs. The Maus had it’s DPM reduced with an increase in reload time by 1.3 seconds, and also it’s healthpool lowered by 200 Damage points (from 3200 –> 3000). While the Type 4 and Type 5 Heavy, had their armour both nerfed a bit:

As well as had their mobility slashed, with a huge decrease in their traverse speeds.

The big issue for a lot of players is that although both of these tanks received nerfs, they are still very well armoured indeed. In fact, most tier 8 Tanks with premium rounds cannot contest the front of any of these tanks, even with the nerfs to the Japanese armour.

So I suspect that all of these super-heavy tanks will undergo further nerfs into the future personally, or at least re-balanced somehow. The issue for Wargaming is that they want these tanks to be super-heavy tanks, but balancing armour with all these factors such as Mobility and Firepower, especially considering that premium rounds at tier 9 and 10 can just punch through this armour, is going to be a very difficult task for them.

But only time will tell!

There are also so many other re-balances going on in this patch guys, such as the Pak.88 Jagdtiger, so do check out Wargaming’s balance article!

And for all of the patch details, click here.

My Stance on this Update

This patch is a great addition to the game. We get a new line of TDs to play around with which aren’t too overpowered or underpowered, in fact they are very balanced in my opinion. We also can see that Wargaming are definitely trying to make this game better for all of us through a new game mode, and also a wide range of rebalances.

My only concern are these super-heavies, especially the Japanese Heavies. The mobility of these tanks aren’t the issue, its the insane armour. And although this has been addressed, I am very doubtful that this will have been fixed in Patch 9.20. I fear these tanks will become the T95 of super-heavies; slow, boring to play (especially on bigger maps).

Overall though, I’m really looking forward to this update!



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