SU-100Y Tank Review (Version 9.19.1)


Video Review + Gameplay!

The SU-100Y is a Tier 6 Tank destroyer based on the T-100 Heavy tank. It was developed in order to tackle many roles on the battlefield including laying bridges, transporting explosives, and recovering tanks, all whilst operating as a Self-Propelled Gun. The SU-100Y is mounted with a 130mm naval gun, and its prototype is currently in the Kubinka Tank Museum Collection in Russia.

Top 3 Quirks

  • The premium ammo is a lower penetration, higher damage shell
  • Large health pool
  • Fantastic at ramming

Worst 3 Quirks

  • Huge size allowing for enemies to be more likely to hit you
  • Very bad radio range
  • Gun handling in general is pretty bad


DPM – This tank has 1650 DPM, giving it a 5/10

Penetration – This tank has 196mm of Penetration, giving it a 5/10

Gun Handling – This tank has a shown dispersion value of 0.38 giving it a 3/5, and has a hidden dispersion value average of 0.22 giving it a 3/5

Aiming Time – This tank has an aiming time of 2.9 seconds giving it a 6/10

Gun Vertical Movement – This tank has 5 degrees of gun depression giving it a 2/5, and 15 degrees of gun elevation giving it a 2/5

Survivability – Although this tank can pull of some bounces now and then, this tank cannot rely on its armour. Therefore, this tank scores a 4/10 for its overall armour.

Mobility – This tank has a power-to-weight ratio of 13.91, giving it a 2/5, and has an average traverse speed of 28, giving it a 2/5

View Range – This tank has a view range of 350, giving it an 8/10

Concealment Whilst Stationary (Camouflage) – This tank has a Concealment Whilst Stationary of 6.67%, giving it a 3/10

Value – This tank has very good value for money being one of the cheaper tier 6 premium tanks, and despite its good profitability it is quite a difficult tank to play – especially for an inexperienced player. This is mainly due to its massive size as well as often poor gun handling. As such, I’m giving this tank an 8/10 for Value.

Thus, the final BrandScore for the SU-100Y is 51/100

The big question is would I get it again? For sure, yes! I love this tank to play, and with good crew skills and equipment this tank can absolutely dominate the lower tier games, and even hold its own in tier 8+ games. However, for new-players I would recommend to continue looking – this tank can be frustrating due to its poor gun handling stats and average armour.



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